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John 10:10 “I came that you would have life, and life abundantly.”

My name is Sandy Harem and I am the voice behind Iturria Travel. I am passionate about my God and the abundant life he has provided for me. My passions continue to take on life as I continue to travel around the world first as an engineer and ecologist, then as a Pilgrim and Missionary, and now helping others to experience the same. One of the greatest things I have learned through my work and travels is that my real passion is for people.

First is my husband Steve, and our sons, Andy and Daniel. We now wonderfully have some girls in the family with my beautiful and talented daughters-in-law Chelsea and Hanna. And, blessing of all blessings our grandsons Kale and Kolter, whom I hope to infuse with the travel bug so they too will get the chance to be continually inspired by the beauty, cultures, and immense wonders of the world.

As if my immediate family was not enough, I am continually blessed and inspired by my extended international family that continues to grow. Now, I’m returning the gifts and experiences that I have gained through my travels on to you. My passion is to help families grow together through experiencing the wonders and beauty of the world. I love helping our priests take much needed and deserved vacations. In addition, I’m hoping to continue incredible and positive changes in our culture by helping Catholic Parishes to make missions and pilgrimages part of the culture of their parish.  

I have prayed on this business name and would love to share the meaning behind it. Iturria is a Basque word that means “wellspring,” and it is rooted deeply in scripture when Jesus encounters the Woman at the Well. “The water I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:14)

The Woman at the Well sets out on a journey for ordinary water, expecting very little to occur during her travels. What happens when she reaches her destination surprises her. She encounters Christ at the wellspring and is surprised to learn of His goodness and truth. When she leaves the wellspring, she runs back to share the good news of Jesus and changes her old ways. 

Allow yourself to be surprised by Jesus. Whether you are intentionally seeking Him in the moment, or simply allowing Christ to be a part of the fun you have planned for you and your loved ones, open yourself to the possibilities that are within your next trip. When you are ready to start thinking about traveling again, send me a message and I would be honored to assist you!

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