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Plan a Stress-free Family Vacation

You want to take a vacation with your family. You're filled with dreams of kids playing on the beach while you watch from your chez with a drink in hand. Then, the reality hits like fingernails on the chalkboard as questions start to bubble up in your brain.

Where should we go? Is it safe? What airline should we use? How much are the flights? Can we all sit together? What time are the flights? Do they allow kids? Do they have rooms to accommodate our family? What kind of rooms do they have? What types of activities can we do? Where will we eat? Oh and we’re going to be there on a Sunday…can we go to Mass?

Details For Your Travel

OK NOW TAKE A BREATH!!!! And pick up the phone and call me. Here is the better scenario:

“Hi Sandy, we really need a beach vacation.”

“Great, when are you available and for how long? Tell me about your family. Give me four places you’ve always wanted to visit unless you already have a location in mind. Let's set up a Zoom call to look at some options and decide on your trip details. It should take about 45 minutes.” I’ll take care of the following:

  • Researching locations that fit your family needs and desires for your definition of a vacation.

  • Determine prices, packages, discounts, schedules, options, and all of the Catholic aspects of your travel. Like Mass times locally, Catholic festivals, and local Catholic places of interest.

Once you have selected the right trip for you, here is how I provide a top-notch service so you don't have to stress about the details.:

  • All travel itineraries are established, communicated clearly, set up, and tracked by me.

  • Safety concerns are checked and rechecked and communicated to you.

  • You receive trip insurance options with clear explanations of benefits and cost. I will handle purchasing the level of insurance that you select.

  • Ensure that you have all of the documents that your family needs for safe and easy travel.

  • I make sure that you know what to expect from customs and TSA on the trip out and back for all ports.

  • Travel advice for packing and traveling with a family.

  • I will be available at all times if you have an emergency or need assistance with any of your trip details.

My goals are simple:

  1. Inspire you to travel with your family.

  2. Make your travel as stress free as possible.

  3. Equip you with everything you need to feel safe and prepared for your trip.

  4. Follow your progress until you return home to your front door.

It’s my job to think of all of the small details, like “How do you get from the resort back to the airport? Do we need passports with us at all times? How many bags can we take and is there an extra charge?

You see what I mean. I’m here to help you not worry about the details because they are covered and you will have all that you need to enjoy your family and explore the world.


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